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Linkedin for Lawyers: Basics, Power Tips and Caveats
This nuts-and-bolts guide details the top 10 tips for getting the most out of your profile on the social networking platform Linkedin. While written for lawyers, any professional will find this guide useful.

Sales Enable Your Law Firm Web Site
Is your law firm web site helping to make the sale? As your firm moves to implement a sales and service business model, make sure your web site evolves with it.

Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Web Site's
Search Engine Ranking

How do you get Google to fall in love with your web site? With lots of relevant content and these tried-and-true search-engine optimization techniques.

Gain the "Power Writing" Advantage for Your Business
A quick overview of five of my "power writing tips" for increasing the clarity and authority of everything you write for business.

Intro to Web Logs for Law Firm Marketing
This important new web publishing tool can help legal services marketers reach niche audiences.

Providing 'Information of Value'
Builds Relationships and Trust

The best way to penetrate the minds and hearts of your customers is a marketing strategy that gives them the information they crave.

Got Content? Leverage Your
Web Content Using E-Newsletters

For professional services firms, a content-rich web site is a marketing asset. Use it to gain exposure and drive traffic back to your site with integrated electronic newsletters.

Strategic Content: A Web Model
for Building User Experience

Take a peek at my proprietary communications tool for auditing and developing strategic web content, which proposes six overlapping tasks for shaping a successful site.

Some Basic Web Writing Tips
Friendly advice for anyone preparing text for the web.

The Power of Headlines
From the archives: This "old economy" lesson on the role headlines play in creating effective, high-impact communications was written for traditional (paper) newsletter communicators before the web became ubiquitious. Its advice is even more on target today.







Building Brand Identity
in the New Economy

Brand Architecture:
A Method to the Madness


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