Linkedin for Lawyers: Basics, Power Tips and Caveats

Linkedin can be a powerful online tool to help you expand your professional network, raise your visibility, and position and control your personal brand — if, that is, you know how to use it. Here are 10 important tips for getting the most out of your Linkedin profile.

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A Social Networking Nuts-and-Bolts Guide

Intro: Linkedin is fast becoming the business-to-business directory of default and the most popular social networking platform dedicated to professional business development. Most would agree that legal services is a relationship business and that success as a rainmaker comes from effectively working your network of relationships. Linkedin provides you with specific tools designed to help you harness the latent power of your professional network.

Linkedin can help you to:

  • Rekindle old relationships
  • Strengthen current relationships
  • Build new relationships
  • Increase your visibility and enhance personal brand among key audiences
  • Keep an “ear to the ground” in key market segments • Facilitate information exchange/distribution.

Effective use of Linkedin leads to:

  • New inquiries
  • In-person meetings
  • New business.

Success stories are abundant, and the value of participating in Linkedin is clear. To not have a presence on this popular social media platform can in itself be a liability — resulting in a perception of, perhaps, not being in step with things current.

In this paper I propose some Linkedin basics for getting started, and some less obvious but important tips for setting up your account for maximum effectiveness. And because lawyers are usually bereft of spare time, I have arranged these in order of impact.

So, download the article, and then set aside a little time each week to complete and enhance your Linkedin profile according to these top 10 tips.

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Linkedin for Lawyers: Basics, Power Tips and Caveats
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