Top Ten Ways To Improve Your
Web Site's Search Engine Ranking

By Amy Campbell

The practice of search engine optimization (SEO) is part science and part black art. Keeping up with what search engine algorithms deem most worthy for high page rank is ever changing and highly secretive. Aggressive SEO hacks who try to "cheat the system" may earn a web site a high rank one day, but possible banishment the next. Beware of optimizers who promise you #1 rankings; they may do more harm than good.

It's no secret that search engines (such as Google and others) like content — lots of it, fresh and steamy. The more pages you publish in your area of expertise, the more exposure you will have to the search engines (they love archived material too). And the more strategically you headline, title, metatag and link those pages, the higher they rise in rank.

While all search engines work a little differently, they all attempt to provide the best, most relevant information based on search queries. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is: Publish. And be relevant. I've had great success (see Google Successes) with client web sites scoring well on search engines by publishing pages that avoid schemes to "trick" search engines and implement the following tried-and-true tips for search engine success.

1. Use unique, keyword-savvy "page titles" on all pages.

2. Register and manage site using major search engine webmaster tools.

3. Register and enhance your listings on key paid and free directories — including local search directories.

4. Use keyword-savvy URLs.

5. Use strategic home page content (keywords in context).

6. Use strategic and proper meta tags on all individual pages.

7. Make your site search engine "porous" — allow easy spidering of all web site pages using well thought out site structure, site map and navigation.

8. Use cross-site linking of relevant pages

9. Increase inbound links from relevant, credible sites and create your own external sites/accounts such as social networking companion sites.

10. Add/update content frequently!

11. Get a search-engine optimization audit for your web site.
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This list updated January 2011.


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