Law Office Computing Features Infoworks! Client for Tech-Savvy Law Firm Marketing

For Immediate Release
September 15, 2003

In its current issue, Law Office Computing magazine features Infoworks! client, Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell, for its use of technology in servicing clients and marketing the law firm. Titled "A New Way of Thinking," the article describes how the firm uses technology as part of it's overall strategy of creating a 'total experience' with its customers.

"Selling this experience is a multi-step process that relies heavily on technology, particularly the use of the Internet and e-mail" according to the article, which details the ingredients for success in creating the firm's content-rich web site and award-winning e-newsletter that Infoworks! developed.

"When we started the Web site, we wanted to go beyond a brochure," according to Amy Campbell, web marketing consultant. "By publishing information of value, we were able to differentiate the firm and the attorneys. It worked beyond our expectations," she said, as "Google has fallen in love with the site because of all the content." According to Campbell, "Advertising doesn’t go very far on the Internet, but information does."

For more information about web and e-newsletter marketing, and optimizing web sites for increased search engine rank, please contact Amy Campbell.

Amy Campbell
Boston, MA

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