Infoworks! Launches Website for
New York Energy Law Boutique
Funk & Zeifer LLP

For Immediate Release
March 15, 2013

BOSTON — Amy Campbell is pleased to announce that New York Energy Law Boutique Funk & Zeifer LLP has engaged Infoworks! for web marketing services including development of its new website, which launched today.

Funk & Zeifer, founded in May 2012 and based in New York, is a small, highly experienced law firm focused on energy, construction, business and intellectual property law. The firm represents local, regional, national and international businesses, utilities, governmental entities, schools, foundations, not-for-profits and individuals. Its clients include energy services companies, public housing authorities, museums and art dealers.

Founding partners are: Peter V.K. Funk, Jr., who focuses his practice on unregulated and regulated energy, renewable and alternative energy, energy conservation, financings and construction; and F. Ellen Zeifer, who focuses her practice on intellectual property, energy transactions, business law and art law.

Infoworks! specializes in web visibility and content marketing services for law firms and other professional services firms — including website development and ongoing editorial management and web marketing services including search engine optimization and integration of social medial strategies.

For more information about increasing your firm's and professionals' web visibility and implementing an integrated web marketing strategy, please contact Amy Campbell.

Amy Campbell
Boston, MA

For more information about Funk & Zeifer, please see the law firm web site.






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